Ceremony Musician

I never wanted to do weddings. NOT because I think playing or singing at weddings is cheesy, actually the complete opposite. The moment that has been culminating for possibly a whole life between two people committing both of their lives together is a HUGE moment. I was always been terrified that I would some how mess it up! But one fateful day a little over 10 years ago, a good friend of mine talked me into playing at a wedding, and you know what? It’s turned out great. Actually, it seemed that WHAT & HOW I play is a perfect match for most beach weddings.

Fast forward to today. I have played hundreds of wedding and have found that not only only do I enjoy playing at weddings, but I also realized that just maybe, the lifetime of playing the guitar has also culminated into the moment that THEIR lives have also! I have the privilege of setting the tone, the personal soundtrack to moment that everyone will remember forever… I think that is pretty cool.

I can play every event from a surprise engagement proposal to ceremony, cocktail hour or even the full reception. I have an extensive list of songs that I have learned over the years for weddings for a bride/groom to choose from, so don’t stress over not having any idea what to do for music… I can help with that. But if you have a specific song in mind that I haven’t learned, I’m willing to take a look at it to see if I can pull it off with authenticity. For pricing a availability, contact me